Image Falcon has one of the most extensive lines of products in the market, with applications for a variety of security and safety needs. Falcon is the perfect option for customers who are interested in high quality, cost-effective safety.

T Series

Extra Heavy Duty, Grade 1 Cylindrical Lever Locks.

Falcon - Grade 1

- T101S x DANE - Passage

- T301S x DANE - Privacy

- T511PD x DANE - Entrance/Office

- T561PD x DANE - Classroom

- T581PD x DANE - Storeroom

W Series / W Series Small Rose

Medium Duty, Grade 2 Cylindrical Lever and Knob Locks.

Falcon - Grade 2

- W101S x DANE - Passage

- W301S x DANE - Privacy

- W511PD x DANE - Entrance/Office

- W561PD x DANE - Classroom

- W581PD x DANE - Storeroom

Image Schlage maintains the perfect balance between style, innovation and safety.

Schlage - ND Series

ND Series provides exceptional vandal-resistant performance designed for maximum accessibility, security and durability in heavy-duty traffic applications subject to abuse. The unique features of Vandlgard prevent damage to internal lock components caused by excessive force from persons kicking, hitting or standing on the lever to gain access.

Schlage - AL Series

Dependable performance for high traffic commercial applications. At Schlage we know that every product you specify has to stand up to constant use, while meeting your needs for security at every level. Our ALā€Series locks are designed to deliver ADA compliant accessibility and constant, reliable performance.

Schlage - Grade 2

- AL10S x SAT - Passage

- AL40S x SAT - Privacy

- AL53PD x SAT - Entrance

- AL70PD x SAT - Classroom

- AL80PD x SAT - Storeroom

Schlage Lever Installation Instructions