Commercial Aluminum

Doortech offers a full line of architectural aluminum building products and systems for the commercial construction industry. From Aluminum Storefronts and Entrances to Curtainwall and Automatic Doors, our company has a diverse range to suit any application.

- Provide expertise on all aluminum storefront system types, styles and finishes

- AutoCAD drafting and preparation of shop drawings

- Technical services in automatic barrier free entrance systems

- Budgeting and helping you realize cost effective solutions


Series 250 Narrow Stile Doors

Series 250-T Narrow Stile Thermal Doors

Series 400 Medium Stile Doors

Series 400-T Medium Stile Thermal Doors

Series 550 Wide Stile Doors

Series 550-T Wide Stile Thermal Door

Series 650-T High Performance Narrow Stile Thermal Entrance Doors

Series 700-T High Performance Medium Stile Thermal Entrance Doors

Series 750-T High Performance Wide Stile Thermal Entrance Doors

Durafront Series 800 Medium Stile Doors

Durafront Series 850 Wide Stile Doors


Series 450SF Center Glazed Storefront

Series IT451 Center Glazed Storefront

Curtain Wall

Series 2100 Curtain Wall Systems

Series 2200 Curtain Wall Systems

Series 3150 Curtain Wall Systems

Series 3250 Curtain Wall Systems

Series 3252 & 3252SG High Performance Curtain Wall Systems

Series 4250 & 4250T Curtain Wall Systems

Series 4500 Curtain Wall Systems

Series HP3253 High Performance Curtain Wall Systems


Series 7200 Window Systems

Series 7300 Window Systems

Series 7400 Window Systems

Series 7500 Concealed Vent Window Systems

Series 7600 Concealed Vent Window Systems

Series 8000 Single Hung Window Systems

Series 8100 Fixed Window Systems

Series 8200 Horizontal Sliding Window Systems

Automatic Operators

Series 5100 Sliding Door System