Doortech Mfg & Distribution Ltd.

Opening with Trust, Closing with Confidence

Hollow Metal Division

Inside Sales Representatives

Brooke Aho

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Dave Redekopp

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Kevin Coelho

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Contract Sales Division

Jonathan Dass

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Commercial Aluminum Division


Jason Goetting

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Project Manager

Vincent Kubish

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Senior Manager - National Accounts

David Doty

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Manager, Inside Sales

Wade Boyechko, C.E.T.

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Commericial Aluminum Manager

Ken Rempel

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IT Support & ERP Project Manager

Alexandre Sousa

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Supervisor of Accounting & Human Resources

Sandra Terin

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Purchasing Manager

Jocelyn Perrier

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Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Ray Prefontaine, B.A., B. Comm. (Hons.)

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Fred Perrier

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